Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The one where I introduce the little beings who call me mommy.

So, I have four kids. Most people either think I am insane or a saint. It is much more the former than the later.

Ky is 16- I became his mom when he was 2. He has a really sweet spirit, and takes tender care of the younger ones. He has some angry times, he has some moody times, but he is a 16 year old boy, so what more can I expect. We pulled him out of public high school this year and he is homeschooling online, that is quite an adventure! He has inherited my love of punk music, tattoos and my tendency to want to tell off the powers that be, but seeing as he is a brooding teen- he hasn't quite gotten the hang of when and where it is appropriate. Ky wants go to trade school when he graduates high school- either for culinary arts or computer game design.

Punky is my only girl- she is 11 and is in sixth grade in middle school. Punky is a mini-me. She loves caring for babies and small children, the color purple, reading AND Broadway show tunes. Poor thing also has my propensity for being overly dramatic and losing things. Unlike me she is quite popular and has tons of friends, and is a cheerleader. Not just a "oh this is kinda fun" cheerleader, a full blown, practice three times a week for the last 4 years competitive cheerleader. Who would've thunk?

My fourth grader, Kev is 9. He is super amazingly, like Einstein, smart. He has some special needs that make life a challenge, but he is just oh so cuddly! Kev is obsessed with action figures, especially with Star Wars. He is a master lego builder. He says he wants to be a computer programmer when he grows up.

Jess is the baby of the family- he just turned 4. Jess goes to the same parent ed preschool that I teach at, and he is thriving there. He enjoys blocks and trains and racecars! It is such fun to listen to how his mind works and processes things.

So those are the little beings that call me "mommy"- I love my "calling" of raising these amazing creatures!


Maggie said...

Oh, those are great pics! Your kids are adorable! And you ain't so bad, either. *grin* <3

Sheryl said...

What a super blog!!