Monday, November 10, 2008

The one where you weigh in on my hair..

I seriously NEED to change my hair- it is boring me to tears.

I have always been drawn to dreadlocks. Not just because of the fashion statement (or lack of one), but because of the spiritual journey involved. But my husband is skeeved out at the thought.
I have also considered shaving it. I have done tons of things with my hair over the years, but never this. My husband has been begging me to grow my hair out for a while- and it is now almost at my collar- so maybe this is not the style I should go for.

My favorite of all the things I have done to my hair- is this purple / blond weave. Do you think it would be unprofessional? I often wear scarves anyway, so maybe not.

What do you think?

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Ash said...

ohhh, I love dreads, but, yeah, hubby skeeved factor. Usually, I'll do anything that pops in my head, as long as it doesn't actually *repulse* the man, LOL.

You look amazing in purple. But that could be because we have the same favorite color. :D <3