Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The one where I turn 36

Last night my hubby took me out for the best birthday dinner ever. (yeah we went a day early since I work till 8:30 today.)

He took me to the Bonaventure hotel in downtown LA. At the very top there is a steakhouse that was oh so very swank.

The food was great- the service made me feel rich, the view was amazing. It was really foggy, so we couldn't see much beyond downtown, but seeing the other high rises- all lite and kinda glowing in the fog was really pretty. When we first sat down we could see a cresent moon that looked so breathtaking- as the fog rolled in more it became hidden. Mr J and I laughed and talked and connected more than we had in a long time.

After dinner we went down to the revolving lounge for dessert.

A little less formal- but still pretty hoity toity- this place rotated- so the view was always changing, and we got to see the Ahmanson / Dorthy Chandler from where we were- those buildings are always impressive, but from that height- wow! There I started to feel the effects of my cocktails- but we did not leave until after I enjoyed my favorite dessert creme brulee.
We walked around the lobby a little- and I was very rebellious- there was this winter display with penquins skating on a mirror- the mirror was sprayed with that fake snow stuff- there were a couple of marks in it- like someone drew on it with their fingers- so I used my finger to write D + S in a heart- aren't I a classy one?
It has been a great birthday so far!


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Starlene said...

Sounds like a wonderful, "dreamy" evening. Happy Birthday!!