Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The one where I share TONS of holiday pics!

Here is Punky at her Choir perfomance at the local mall.

The little boys watching her. (the big boy was at work- somewhere he has been alot lately.)

Baking fun on Christmas Eve.
(Ky was at work and Jess was at his dad's so it was a quiet Christmas Eve with just the "middles")

All dressed up for Christmas Eve Mass with the grandparents. And yes, this is about it for dressing up around here.

Apparently giving Kev his nightime meds a little early backfired- this is him at Christmas Eve dinner.

Now our tree all set up on Christmas morning.

Jess' had to be held back- he was so excites. Look at Kev's face when he saw the tree.

Opening gifts.



~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Love the pics!!! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Sandy

Starlene said...

It's fun to see pics of your family. Thanks for posting them. :-)