Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The one where I whine about breaking my cavity free streak.

For 36 years, I had no cavities. I was by no means great at dental hygiene, I brushed once a day at the most, I drank sugary soda and ate candy in bulk. I went to the dentist once a year from a young child until 5 years ago. At that point I found myself without dental insurance. But I had great teeth right? So, I brushed and figured nothing could ruin my streak.
I was wrong. I went in last week for a check up and I had two cavities in my molars. Right next to each other starting in between the two teeth, because according to my dentist, I never floss. One cavity had gotten bad enough to need a root canal. Not having had ANY dental work ever before in my life, when the dentist asked if I wanted to start that day, I answered yes. Two hours, tons of gagging, some pain, and grossness later, I am the proud owner of a temporary filling, which will be removed tomorrow to completely dry out the root and ensure all the rot is gone.
(….pray for me…..)

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